TZM Alloy Properties

Comparison of TZM alloy physical properties and pure molybdenum physical performance:
TZM alloy having a good mechanical properties, especially in the high temperature, TZM alloy's mechanical properties are better than pure molybdenum.

Material Density(g/cm3) Melting Point(℃ ) Boiling Point(℃ )
TZM 10.22 2617 4612

Mechanical properties of TZM alloy:



Modulus elasticity

Yield strength

Tensile strength

Fracture toughness

Datas <20 320 560-1150 685 5.8-29.6

High temperature tensile strength and elongation of TZM alloy

Temperature/℃ RT 1000 1200 1300 1400
Tensile strength/MPa 1140-1210 700-720 320-360 190-210 140-170
Elongation/% 7.5-13.0 5.2 9.0 11.5-13.5 11.0-16.0

Thermal and electrical properties of TZM alloys

Properties Coefficient of thermal expansion/K-1(20~100℃) Thermal conductivityW /m·K
Working temperature/℃
Datas 5. 3×10-6 126 400 (5. 3~5. 5)×10-8

TZM alloy having good welding performance, with H11 steel and other materials the good welding. TZM alloy is worth Anti-Zn liquid metal corrosion. A conventional method which can be used to cold add Workers. Carbide or high speed available in the case of cooling lubricants Steel cutting tools for machining

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