Hot Runner Molybdenum Alloy Bar

Molybdenum Alloy Bar


Hot runner molybdenum alloy bar is a non-ferrous alloy bar which adding other element based on molybdenum substrate. The main alloy elements are titanium (Ti), zirconium(Zr), hafnium, tungsten and other rare earth element.


During production processes hot runner molybdenum alloy bar added certain Ti, Zr, hafnium and other elements which not only can enhance alloy bar’s solution strength to keep the cryogenic ductility of alloy. But also can form stability and diffuse distribution carbide phase to enhance alloy’s strength and recrystallization temperature. Hot runner molybdenum alloy bar has lots of advantages such as good thermal conductivity, good electric conduction and low dilatation coefficient. Besides, in the high temperature(1100-1650℃)alloy has high strength and easily to machine.

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