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TZM Alloy Hot Runner Nozzle

TZM alloy hot runner nozzle is a nozzle manufactured by TZM (titanium zirconium molybdenum) and used in hot runner system, or hot running system.
A nozzle is a part applied for controlling of the direction and shape of fluid flow from a pipe shape metal tube. Nozzle is usually a pipe or tube as body to flow the fluid, and with whole set with small holes at one end.
Therefore, the fluid can flow out from the hole and into mold to shape the products finally designed. Nozzles have got lot of effects, and the main ones are to control the flow rate, speed, direction, mass, shape and the pressure of the stream. And what confirms for the nozzle is higher pressure, higher velocity. And all the principles applied for nozzles are suitable for TZM hot runner nozzle.
TZM nozzle is chosen to use in the hot runner system or hot running system is mainly because its high machine-ability, middle high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and cost effective.

TZM Unitized Hot Runner

In titanium zirconium molybdenum (TZM) unitized hot runner the nozzle and spreader plate form a simple unit. The melt will flow into nozzle directly from spreader plate so it will cause deviation and port corner. Traditional bush system design will cause thermal expansion and the united system of TZM unitized hot runner can eliminate the leakage which is particular efficient.

TZM unitized hot runner, the united system are lie on mould’s central which little contact with mould, so the raw material didn’t require high thermal conductivity and pre-tension. TZM unitized hot runner can pre-assemble the hydraulic circuit which is independent of mould and the direct drive valve gate of hydraulic circuit can set up in the system directly so it can save the control valve in the traditional machine so that the injection moulding will more flexible. The minimum connect provide high precise and stable temperature curve and the energy consumption will little than traditional hot runner system.

TZM Hot Runner Bar

Hot runner system used titanium zirconium molybdenum (TZM) bar is a rectangle bar. As for TZM bar has owns most similar properties with high temperature resistance, high melting point, high boiling point, corrosion resistance, etc. mostly, the properties of molybdenum are similar to tungsten. With doped elements of titanium and zirconium, the properties of molybdenum is remained, more they has got better creep resistance.

Hot runner is an advanced technology which used in plastic injection mold for casting runner system, is a hot spot of the plastic injection molding process. Hot runner titanium zirconium molybdenum (TZM) bar is an important tool for hot runner injection molding. Mainly because TZM bar has excellent creep resistance, and therefore uses a wide range of hot runner field.

Sintered TZM Alloy

TZM alloy sinteredThere are protection of hydrogen sintering and vacuum sintering, the sintering process in the protection of hydrogen, the reduction of hydrogen, oxides of molybdenum powder is reduced with hydrogen, the oxygen content of the material is reduced to several tens μg/g or less.

For adding titanium, zirconium, hafnium, niobium and other active elements molybdenum alloy, the alloy elements of high activity with hydrogen gas in the reaction of the impurity oxides, nitrides, hydrides, leading to the high impurity content of molybdenum alloys high, seriously affecting the molybdenum alloy mechanical properties. Can effectively reduce the vacuum sintering molybdenum alloys of these oxygen, nitrogen and other impurities in gases, in a vacuum sintering process, generally will be added a slight excess of carbon (relative to fixed component), through carbon reduction of metal oxides deoxygenated.

Carbon reduction system of the metal oxide to form metal carbides and CO, and MoO2 disproportionation under high vacuum metal Mo, MoO3 reaction gas is withdrawn, the two reactions are primary deoxidation process, vacuum sintering mechanism.